More about 'Forbidden Flute'

Total playing time: 67.55

"When the young men serenaded only the flute was forbidden.
Why, I asked. Because it was bad for the girls to hear the flute at night."
Ernest Hemmingway on the customs of the Italian Abruzzi in 'A Farewell to Arms'.

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Title Formation Instruments
1. It Could Happen To You Quartet fl-pno-bs-drs
2. Running The Changes Quartet fl-pno-bs-drs
3. Adem & Eva Solo quarter tone fl
4. Evolutions Quartet alto fl-pno-bs-drs
5. I Can Dream Can't I? Trio bass fl-pno-bs
6. Up At Seven Quartet fl-pno-bs-drs
7. I Wish I Knew Trio + percussion alto fl-pno-bs-perc
8. De Profundis * Solo bass fl
9. Forbidden Flute Trio + percussion fl-pno-bs-perc
10. Alone Together Duo bass fl-bs
11. Stardust * Solo bass fl

* Recorded at the well in Montefiore castle.

Peter Guidi: flute, alto flt, bass flt, quarter tone flt
Rob van Bavel & Rob van Kreeveld: piano
Hein van de Geyn & Sven Schuster: bass
Hans van Oosterhout & Steve Altenberg: drums
Bart Fermie: percussion


The concept behind Forbidden Flute is to present the flutes in a variety of musical settings: solo, duo, trio, trio plus percussion and quartet. Many modern flute techniques are used to create melodic and harmonic effects. All the sounds that are heard on these performances are produced naturally - no electronic effects have been added.
I was very fortunate to be accompanied on this cd by outstanding musicians who are among the very best on the European jazz scene.

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