Reviews of 'The Jazz Flute'

'The Jazz Flute' is a two volume method which introduces the flutist to jazz improvisation. The author of this intelligent work is Scots/Italian jazz flutist and recording artist Peter Guidi.
The author takes into examination the components of improvisation and proposes them in a well thought out way especially for the flute. The concept of improvisation is tackled exhaustively including a chapter on special effects such as flutter tonguing, bending notes, and singing with the flute. The first volume, after a short history of the development of the flute in jazz, we start immediately with practical studies with exercise on major and minor chords and the blues. Importantly this is accompanied by tips and suggestions as to how to study the various topics. In the second volume, as well as an analysis of the scales used in improvisation, there is an analysis of the typical chord sequences used in jazz such as the II V I progression and turnarounds. The two volumes have a very attractive layout and also contain many photographs of famous jazz flutists. With this work Guidi truly fills a gap by providing the student with a useful book which is indispensable to understand and delve deeply into the jazz flute.'
Jazz flutist Stephano Benini, author of 'Il Flauto e il Jazz', 'Musica Jazz' magazine, Italy.

'This two volume method can be studied in sequence or by individual chapter. The starting point is the jazz language that developed during the bebop era. The most remarkable chapter in Voume I is the chapter on 'Ballad Playing', which in jazz music is seen as a separate art in itself.
Next to improvisation jazz articulation is a very important subject. Syncopation is analised using typical bebop themes from Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins and Dizzy Gillespie, followed by a section on 'Swing Feel', one of the major building blocks of jazz music.
'The Jazz Flute' is a real no nonsense, complete study book. It is based upon a solid foundation and systematically constructed. It is also a friendly book, informative and at times humourous. Most of all the sayings from musicians, composers and philosophers, and the informative chapters on the history of the jazz flute and history of the blues come to mind. What also comes across is that jazz is not just the study of theory but also a way of life.
Jazz flutist Jeroen Pek, 'Fluit' magazine, Holland.